No. of SWDA by Region by Profile Completeness
RegionTotal SWDAIncomplete AddressNo Service Delivery ModeNo Target ClientelleNo Regional Coverage DataNo Data on [Established by]No ContactsNo Programs and ServicesNo RLA Data
REGION I324301215598496295
REGION II2021510172522193922
REGION III6571122411513239148188111
REGION IV-A704116471936214993102
REGION IV-B176470449165632
REGION V4276183643487617261
REGION VI4475217128163473
REGION VII561701747461490264102
REGION VIII2700404041694
REGION IX24181915821263622
REGION X2400516891436
REGION XI3634053747506019170
REGION XII313092311181766
REGION XIII97091101322173

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